Missing feature: Teams

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The fair-to-play community has always struggled against pay-to-win player for the best prices. If you were lucky enough, you probably ended up in a bracket with no whales and got to Tire 1 if your garage was strong enough. 

Later on, fair-to-play players started to talk each other in the forums, posting things like "I'm in this bracket. Who is here?" or "Every one in this bracket, pleas help me hold Tire X".

Today I bring you a good proposal: make teams. Yes, I'm talking about joining our garages to fight together for the best prices. Sounds cheezy, but is a great idea. Imagine a group of, lets say, 10 player who are very often in the same bracket. They can talk each other to make strategies and help each other to rise on the leaderboards, winning the prices they wanted (and they garages allows to).

As this feature is not in the game, we have to do it over here, on the forums. My idea is to make a new thread here, in the strategy section, with the name of your team (something like "Ice Breakers team thread" for example) and plan your strategies for events in there.

The objective is to make a team with friends you know out of the game, or player you already know well enough in-game. The opposite of this will be something like Asphalt 9 teams, where anybody joins any open team they can, just for winning the team rewards, without knowing anybody in there. That's not the idea. 

Comment your opinions and share your ideas! 
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