Consistency Key....I dont think so...

Ok so having read my way through many tips and hints ive now settled on a setup that has served me pretty well through season 5....however my win ratio is still only around 65-70% which makes collecting coins difficult and long (well longer). 

Everyone who has mastered the higher series seems to believe that Perez is the go to driver and having unlocked him I decided to give him a whirl. 

His qualifying absolutely stinks though despite having 75 consistency...which is apparently key to qualifying high. Ive done 15 races with him now and havent qualified higher than 16th!! In fact in almost all my races both drivers are qualifying on average 17th and 19th (2nd driver is another apparent go to in Norris (Level 6). 

What on earth am i doing wrong. Need to find out else ill get slaughtered in season 6 and definitely season 7. 

With my setup and drivers i should have a 80% win rate minimum but i simply dont...any further advice guys....


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    Can you post a screenshot of your car set-up?
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    Thats my current set up; Have available...

    Suspension; Magic Carpet (1), Smoothie (6), Stilts (4) Shox (1) Spirit Level (1) 

    Brakes; Heavy Duty (1) Anchor (4) Soft Touch (7) Slam Stop (1) WtWT (1) The Chute (1) 

    Gearbox; Revolution (6) TorQ (1) Shredder (4) King Cog (1) 

    Rear Wing; Sticky (2) Jet Stream (5) Afterburner (4) Dream Stream (2) Wind Tunnel (1) 

    Front Wing; Ramjet (1) Turbulence (7) Laser Lock (4) Rollercoaster (3) The Limpit (1) 

    Engine; The Inferno (7) Zen (4) FreeWheeler (6) The X1 (1)

    Should the set up for series 5 and 6 be vastly different? 

    Also these are my driver options; 

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    Thanks for current set up is more for season 5 which as i said i seem to be struggling with....when based off car setup it shouldnt be.

    From all i have read across this forum and reddit i should be getting upwards of a 75% win rate but im not. 

    My car is geared towards area...which is what season 5 is apparently..

    I can only think that much of it comes down to my qualifying position...often im between 4-6 places worse off than my opponent and havent finished in Top 10 for going on 30 races now....ive tried various drivers and as you can see i have Norris...Bottas and Perez who all have over 65 consistency...yet still qualify poorly. 
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    Ok so genuinely think my game may just be broke....

    Just lost 4 races in a row...series 3...all in wet...i had Grosjean level 2 and Perez level 2... 

    Set up 

    Power 84
    Aero 49
    Grip 49
    Reliability 25 

    Qualified 23rd and 19th... rained the whole Silverstone...

    Opponent had Giovanazzi and Norris...

    Lost!!! I mean come the +%#% on! Ridiculous! 

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    I mean come the +%#% on! Ridiculous! 
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    Chill with the power.

    The Perez you're reading about isn't at full capability when first unlocked.

    ...spend some of those "Brewster's Million's" & train [upgrade] those drivers!

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    With a set up of 82 48 43 25 (Pit 4.85) the fact is I should most certainly be qualifying higher than i am. 

    Im not on of those who just give up or dont bother changing things up....but i have spent the last 12 hours odd now running through different set ups and using different drivers and to very little avail. 

    For Example...

    Thats the current set up im running...with a Hamilton Level 1 and LeClerc Level 2 ...qualified 18th and 21st on Series 1 Hockenheim ...

    Tried it again with level 6 norris and level 7 Kyvat....19th and 20th... 

    I could keep going and have ..but the qualifying results are the same every time!! 

    Im down to 250k....from over 2.8 million having lost 11 of 14 in 200k and the odd 600k dual thrown in!! In those series I ran the set up everyone seems to suggest across this forum and reddit which is a spread of points across the 4 car stats (so as close to equal parts aero and grip with low pit stop time) 

    The setup im running now is my best possible set up in terms of pit stop time and in terms of Grip and Aero being as close to each other while being as high as possible. 

    So yeah...not sure where to turn now as i just feel like nothing is working 
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    You are taking the game to seriously.  Just aim for the best stats in every category.  I have 91 engine and 38 grip with 60 aero and I still finish on the podium with Norris and Bottas.  Technically I shouldn't be but the game mechanics has no consistency.
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    I am always on hards for half the race which accordingly to some people lowers your lap time but I still finish on the podium.  I have just admitted to my self that the game makes no sense and to just have fun, try different things and you will find what works.
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    These are my current stats. And also Perez lvl 6 and Grosjean lvl 9.

    My winrate in Series 6 is around 80%. And even with theese stats I Qualify in avarage 12-13 with both. (Sometimes 4-7, sometimes 17-20)

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