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Just so we know....unless it's been answered and I missed it. The next update...

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The first update left me with nothing and I had to start over including the tutorials. I had over 800k and three nice cars that I worked hard to build up. I know others lost their cars and others didn't. I understand everyone was set to back to 10k in money. That's fine if everyone was lucky enough to get it. My question is before I continue to build my garage and money will the next update cause the same problems?

Another thing, I am still wasting keys on features unusable in the game. I got a performance kit for a class a car that I'm pretty sure will never be used. I also keep getting free bets that can't be used. If I am spending the time to build toward these items I feel I should at least be able to use them.
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    Hi Shakyhudew,

    Just to set expectations initially, the beta is a fairly volatile period. This is by no means a finished and polished game. As you have seen there are bugs, missing features and occasionally a need to reset data and profiles. I appreciate this can be frustrating. It would be unfair and unrealistic of me to say that this won't happen again.

    The current content in the game is a portion of what will ultimately be there. Pro Packs are not currently usable and the majority of cash from earnings will ultimately not be usable. The cash values that players have banked are not really representative of Class C racing. Bet amounts will change as higher class, more expensive cars are introduced.

    I very much appreciate your patience during the beta period where nothing is set in stone and the game might change on a fairly regular basis. More cars are coming soon, more tracks are being introduced and the team are continually adding new features and fixes.
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    All the bugs you eliminate is appreciated. Thank you for your diligent effort.
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