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Beta FAQ - Please Read

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This is a living document and will change as the beta progresses.
Please add any new questions you might have as a reply.

What is a Beta?
Beta can mean many things. For Race Kings, this is an early preview version of the game that is made available to a very limited number of the players. Our main objectives during Beta 1 are:

To get your feedback on the game
Is it fun? How much of a challenge are the tracks? Does it make sense?
We want to hear what you think so don’t be shy! Good and bad, all feedback is gold.

To stress test our network with larger numbers of players
We have played the game in the office, in our shorts, but now we want to see how things hold up against a larger number of real players.

To crush bugs and remove unfun features
Please keep in mind that this Beta version is still in development and not a final product, so all information gained through the test will go into making improvements to the game. When it came to releasing a Beta build we needed to draw a line in the sand to get the game in your hands. Bugs still exist, see the current Top Known Issues here.

Where can I give feedback?/I've found a bug what do I do?
You can contact us with feedback about Race Kings as well as any bugs you find via a number of methods:

- On the forums in the Bug Reporting section
- In-game through the events screen
- Through the closed Facebook Group

In-game screenshots are very useful and can be attached (if you have the patience!).

If you are reporting a bug we would greatly appreciate if you give this information with it:

What is the issue?
How did you get it to happen?
Can you reproduce the issue again?
How often does it happen?
Provide a video/screenshot where possible.
What device are you using? For example, iPhone 6s.
What operating system do you have on the device? For example, iOS 9.2.

Where there’s a beta, there’s a bug. Some features will be unfinished, broken or unbalanced, sometimes all three!

If you’re unsure of what’s going on or want to report something you can either use the Contact Us button via this FAQ.
Please also join the conversation in our Beta Testers forums or Facebook Group where you can talk to other players and some of the developers.

Why can't I make purchases or buy any in-game currency?
"Purchases are currently unavailable because we’re focusing testing on gameplay and the user experience. This initial focus is critical for us to determine what the flow of the game is like without players having think about in-app purchases (IAPs).

Also, because the game is still in development things may change drastically or be removed entirely, it would be pretty mean of us to let you buy something that then vanished!

Finally, in-app purchases are not available through TestFlight (The platform you are using to test the game).

Will my progress get reset?
"More than likely, yes. In fact, your progress may be wiped/reset during the beta multiple times depending on what bugs we come across, but we'll try to let you know if we plan on doing it. It's one of the hard realities of beta testing, many tears have been shed bringing you this information.

After the beta is over we want to make sure that everyone is on a fair and level footing as they start the game, but you’ll have the advantage of experience!

How do i get more gold / cars?
You have to earn it! Compete in the event leaderboards to earn gold prizes and buy awesome new cars. The higher you go, the more you win!

I won some keys but i don't have them. Where are my Keys?
Sorry, we currently have a bug with our keys, but don't worry, you haven't lost them. Simply close and re-open the game and all your hard earned keys will appear (Double tap the device's home button then swipe the Race Kings picture upwards to force close the app)

Are these real opponents?
Race Kings is all about head-to-head races with real, live players. However, due to the limited number of players during beta we've added a couple of AI bots to make sure you can always find race when you want one. If you're sick of racing the 'bots, why not head over to the forums General Discussion and arrange some battles with the other Beta testers. Crushing real opponents and harvesting some man tears is far more satisfying than beating bots right?

My Game has crashed / I'm Stuck / This Sucks!
First up, sorry! Beta testing can be frustrating at times. Next up - report the bug! We are hard at work finding and fixing as many issues as we can but we can't fix things we don't know about. Use the Report a Problem link or go to and let us know about your problems. The more info you can provide, the quicker we will be able to fix it.

Why does the player at the top of the leaderboard win less than the player in second? Why are the prizes so small?
The prizes displayed in the leaderboard are cumulative so whoever finishes in first place also wins the prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, all the way down to lowly participation award. All those prizes add up to a lot of goodies (and there's some extra special items in those Silver and Gold Bank Boxes)
What does Track Rating mean? Why does it keep changing?
"The track rating is how fast we think you can complete a race on the current track and we try to match you against opponents with the same rating to ensure close races and neck and neck finishes.

As your skills improve in Race Kings, your track rating will go down. You can also fit upgrades to allow you to beat your track rating and gain EDGE over your opponents. Try fitting upgrades immediately after the track changes to gain the maximum benefit.

How do i get more Perfect corners?
Practice! To be a little more specific, press and hold the handbrake as your car passes over the orange marker before the corner. If you time it right, you'll enter the drift with the needle right in the center of the sweetspot. Then just tap the gas pedal repeatedly to keep the needle in the blue until you hit the corner exit. and BAM! perfect corners every time.

I keep getting perfect corners but still lose the race.
A big part of elite racing is making sure you get straight back on the power as soon as you exit a corner. Keep an eye out for the markers at the end of the drift zone, let the needle drop to the lowest bit of blue that your nerves can handle then press and hold the gas just before you hit the exit.

What devices are supported during the Race Kings beta?

During Race Kings Beta 1 the following devices are supported:

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

iPad Air 2 WiFi + Cellular
iPad mini with Retina display WiFi + Cellular
iPhone 6s
iPhone 5s
iPad Mini 4 WiFi + Cellular
iPhone 6 Plus
iPad Mini 3 WiFi + Cellular
iPhone 6s Plus
iPad Mini 3 WiFi
iPhone 6
iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular
iPad Air WiFi + Cellular
iPhone SE
iPod Touch 6th Generation
iPad Air WiFi
iPad Mini 4 WiFi
iPad Mini with Retina display WiFi
iPad Air 2 WiFi
iPad Pro WiFi

This button doesn't work / The race will not start.
Race Kings requires an internet connection in order to perform most of the in-game functions. Please check you have a solid network connection and try again. If the problem persists then please let us know.
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