Challenge S2A2 Feb Announcement

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Challenge Season 2 continues!

The Challenge Season consists of one weekday and one weekend challenge a month, with three months making one arc, and three arcs making one season. These are designed to reward committed players, so once you have completed challenges in three arcs in a row you can win a Carbon Fiber every month and prize cars at the end of each month.

If you’re just starting now you still have a chance to qualify for an extra Ceramic every month, and a Carbon Fiber for the first 2 months of each arc starting in Season 2 Arc 3; you can qualify for all Season prizes from Season 3 Arc 1 onwards.

Make sure to hold on to your VW Type 2’s as you’ll need these to complete future challenge arcs!

Season 2 Arc 2 February qualifier:
Sunday 9th February - Friday 14th February
Win your second 1970 VW Type 2!

Season 2 Arc 2 February / Type 2 owners’ challenge:
Friday 14th February - Sunday 16th February
1970 VW Type 2 owners can enter this special weekend challenge

Beat the qualifier challenge to win a 1970 VW Type 2, not available from packs. This will grant access to the weekend challenge, which will award a Ceramic, a Carbon Fiber, 10 Slots - and a bonus Ceramic for players with the strongest garages. Details below.

The weekend challenge will require some cars from one particular manufacturer of LeGrand’s choice. Niklas has a hint for what it is.

S2A2 February Type 2 owners’ challenge, requirements and prizes:
Zone 1: 1x 1970 VW Type 2, win 3k cash
Zone 2: 1x mystery manufacturer, win a Ceramic pack
Zone 3: 2x 1970 VW Type 2, win 6k cash
Zone 4: 2x mystery manufacturer, win a Carbon Fiber pack
Zone 5: 1x 1966 VW Type 2, win 12k cash
Zone 6: 3x mystery manufacturer, win 10 Slots
Zone 7: BONUS EXPERT ROUND 1, ???, win 15k cash
Zone 8: BONUS EXPERT ROUND 2: 4x mystery manufacturer, win a Ceramic

Prize car requirements for upcoming challenges:
Season 2 Arc 2 March will award the B21 1995 Acura NSX-T, and will require 2x 1966 VW Type 2, 1x Austin, 3x 1970 VW Type 2.

Season 2 Arc 3 prize car requirements will only be the Season 2 1966,1970 and 1979 VW Type 2’s, consistent with the requirement for players to have played through 3 challenge arcs.

Good luck!
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