Passing issue

1. I come across this very often when I pass a car or cars in a corner and then after I pass them my car slows down and let’s them all pass again and losses the position to my original spot or further back. 

2. Also when your passing on a straight away and your almost past the car your passing and then your car just pretty much stops and let’s that car by and anyone else near by then continues on. 

3. When in a turn where a bunch of cars pile up they all go wide and your guy goes to the inside where nobody is and he stays back as if he can’t pass the people on the outside of the track even though he’s taking the inside line!!!

4. I’ve also noticed when coming to a corner my guy brakes super early compared to all other cars and gets passed with ease, I’ve tried making aero and grip even and tried making one higher than the other and same result 


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