fix top drives before making special events

i had to make a PC account as my phone crashed so many times attempting to make this post on my account. i was locked in loading screens on the main start up page and loading into events for the last ten minutes of the veyron event resulting in me losing T3 and dropping to T4 without me being able to do anything.

i even saved some gold to get more races in to make sure i stayed in t3 so i could get the super rares as i need to improve my A class cars. its ridiculous that a game with this many in app purchases and pay walls is a completely buggy mess to play, ive had to resort to only playing at home on my ipad because whenever i want to play in between work and food on my phone, the cars lag and it doesn't recognize which cars im selecting for each race. 

please fix the game before the small remainder of the community left gets sick of the unplayability of what you add and finally leaves. take it from someone who has spent close to a decade playing team fortress, not fixing your games issue's destroys a game's community more than hacking or less content.
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