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Since it sounds like they are going to change the "free slots" this is what I did......

LarryDLegendLarryDLegend Member Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
Here are the key numbers.... 20 cars, $58 million 31k gold. I just bought 9 cars with absolutely no intent of upgrading them. I consider the cars free slots for when I complete the blue prints for 3 cars. Also I consider the cars as a safety deposit box for half of the gold I spent.


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    Hey Larry, nice one, you should open your garage to the public.
    That's a solid amount of cash you have built up there too!

    There's a couple of discussion points I would love to raise, just reading your post here.

    Them and Us
    I hope we can get beyond the 'Them and Us' thinking, where you see us as the bad guys looking to steal your garage ;)

    Ultimately we have quite a small and open community testing the game right now and our objectives should be fairly well aligned. We definitely don't want to do anything considered as 'unfun' but at the same time we don't want to ruin the game experience for you or any other new players coming into the Beta.

    We want the game to remain fun and to feel like there are some worthy goals to be met over time. If it means that building up $500 million is currently a goal then that might be fine, but it might mean that unlocking all other content becomes trivial and the game then loses any appeal, that's a worry.

    Any decisions we make are for the health of the game, to make it more fun and to ideally develop different sets of goals of varying complexity and challenge. Hopefully we can work together during the Beta to make sure we meet all of these goals whilst trying to keep the feeling going that we are pulling in the same direction.

    Tell me what you think.

    Worthy Goals
    Secondly, I'm really interested in getting your thoughts on current goals. The cash amounts being won are basically an arbitrary unit, it might as well be bananas at this stage. It seemed like the game became less fun when we reduced the bet amounts, then more fun again when we jacked them back up to the millions.

    What are your thoughts on what drives play and what you consider to be worthy goals?
  • LarryDLegendLarryDLegend Member Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
    You're right, there is a certain amount of "Us v Them" because we are not informed i.e. warned of things in advance - the last cash reset for example. I realize that the beta testers and the developers are both working for the same goal. HOWEVER until there is more proactive interaction I will continue to harbor my mind set. It would definitely be better if we knew what goals you are looking for. Right now we are playing in a dark cave - stumbling into things. I know that is what you want, but as I mentioned in my OPEN POST, we are hungering for more.

    Do not get me wrong. I enjoy playing the game. I like the challenges of mastering the different tracks. We now have 8 people making million dollar bets which is a tremendous improvement from the Higher Stakes event. So even though I am having a blast, I feel the frustration of El_Mutro, who lost everything and did not have enough time to recover for either Higher Stakes or the million dollar bets.

    I am a numbers geek. This post was made to share my strategy to convert liquid i.e. resetable assets (gold and cash) into harder and convertible assets (cars and car slots). Could my strategy blow up in my face...sure, but it is a safety valve hedge.

    I started playing CSR Racing during season 2 of its multi player and CSR Classics since the soft launch in the New Zealand App Store. I still play them but I have reduced it to getting the season prize cars in the least amount of time. This game, with its multiple events and tracks is much more enjoyable.

    My mantra is "knowledge is power" right now, the testers are heavy on action and light on knowledge.
  • LarryDLegendLarryDLegend Member Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
    I will always exploit a glitch until it is removed, THAT was point of the point. You are stealing from my garage you are merely closing a loophole. But if I share an opportunity to exploit a glitch (as I have previously with winning by losing) then I am being fair to my fellow beta testers. I am still not paying for gas in either CSR or CSR Classics
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