[B20] BMW 540i E34

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BMW 540i E34 [B20]:

It is a bit quick. 0-60mph in 6.1 sec. BMW says 6.8sec for 0-62mph. I cannot believe it is 0.7sec faster. Maybe it does not need to shift in 3rd gear. I am not sure but motortrends say 6.9 sec for 0-60mph. Maybe it should be RQ19 then like the BMW 530i E39.

Motortrend says 0-60mph in 6.9sec and quarter mile in 15.3sec at 96.5mph: https://www.motortrend.com/cars/bmw/5-series/1994/1994-bmw-540i/

BMW says 0-62mph in 6.8sec, weight is 1650kg and 286PS = 282bhp: https://bmw-grouparchiv.de/research/detail/index.xhtml?id=6572379 (PDF page 20)

Production started in 1992: https://bmw-grouparchiv.de/research/detail/index.xhtml?id=3841614


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    The year is fine and the weight is fine. I have made a note for the 0-60 and the horsepower.
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    Please note that changing the power figure of the vehicle will not change any performance (4hp).  As such, making changes like this can take Hutch's time away from more meaningful changes.  Please consider this when making future requests.
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    No problem. I do not expect that this changes will be implemented quick. I know there are more important things.

    I know that 4hp do not affect the performance but BMW and Motortrend show a slower performance in acceleration for the automatic version. 1993 was no manual gearbox available. In 1994 6 speed manual gearbox was standard. The 6 speed manual maybe could reach 0-60mph in 6.1sec.

    The usual E34 540i was ordered with an automatic transmission. I know that 6-speed 540i are rare and more expensive today.

    The table shows the gear, rev and speed (km/h). Gear ratio and wheel size are taken from the brochure. You can see that it hit 103.9km/h = 64.6mph at 5800RPM. It shifts at 6200RPM. So the 0-60mph time should be slightly lower than the 0-62mph time (maybe 0.1sec). It need not to shift into 3rd gear for reaching 62mph.
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