Daily race issue - repeat car

My daily race today had an issue - the same car was repeated for the second and third races.  This didn't originally seem problematic, but after winning the second race, the third race start would only show the finish line.  I would hit the gas, and it would move the car (from what I could  tell).  The clock moved and when I would die, it told me how far I traveled.  Obviously it is very hard to win the race blind.

Any help is appreciated. 



  • SfitzySfitzy Posts: 1
    Having the same problem.
  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hi guys,
    Sorry about that, the set up for that day had an error within it.  We have reviewed the next batch to make sure this doesn't happen again and will be releasing a fix to the camera issue, so that if events are somehow repeated it will no longer break the camera.  Thanks
  • The Problem is still there. Only happens with Dune it up Challenge from what I can tell. When you finish the race and lose for whatever reasons and you use a live to start the Race again, it shows only the finish line. You can start and drive blindly but that is just wrong. For that issue I couldn't finish todays race and lost coins and stuff. Please adress this issue asap. It's really annoying. 
  • Oh, and it doesn't have to do with repeated races in a daily challenge. It happens just in the Dune it up Challenge. 
  • lonelyterroristlonelyterrorist Posts: 133 ✭✭✭
    Happens with plenty of other cars too. Even just a normal retry with off duty in today's race. Even a reset costing 1000 gems leaves the camera at the end of the race. Please see my thread in report a bug, which hasn't been responded to, for further information.
  • Ok, this issue happend today with Spectyte too. Really doesn't seem to depend on cars. I finish the race first. Game shows that I lost the race. Nevermind, got three lives so who cares. Try to start over, Game shows the finish line. I can start the race but have to drive blindly. Restarting over and over doesn't seem to help. Even use gems doesn't fix it so I quit. Now the game says I won... This is totally messed up.
  • Happened again today. As soon as both cars cross the finish line and I lost and want to restard, the game shows only the finish line. This is really annoying and we loose special coins because of this. Please fix asap. 
  • schreierschreier Posts: 3
    This is continuing to happen to me as well in the daily races, even if I just try to repeat.  Very frustrating to lose gems because of a bug 
  • My fix for this is, do not cross the finish line. Hit repeat when you see that youre loosing soon enough. This will restart the race properly. 
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