[57] Aston Martin DB 9 (2004)

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Did some research to this underperforming, nice-looking car and it was obviously wrong.

>1/4 mile from 13.36 @ 106 to 12.7 @ 114
>0-60 from 4.8 to 4.6
>0-100 from 11.7 to 10.5  (MRA from 69 to 77)
>0-150 from 35.3 to 28.9*
>Handling score, slalom times and breaking times better than the [68] Bentley Continental GT 2003.**

Source: https://www.motortrend.com/cars/aston-martin/db9/2006/luxury-sport-coupes-comparison/

Stock times:

** Motor Trend's figure 8 times, slalom times and skidpad numbers are better for the DB9 than for the Continental GT.

*I know that Automobile-catalog (A-C) is not a trusted source for corrections, but I'm going to submit this correction anyway because, in this case, the A-C simulation software did an astonishing work here. It got 99% accurate acceleration numbers compared to Motor Trend's real-life instrumented test. So I'm very confident that this 0-150 time is 99% accurate. (from link, go to "full performance specs" to see the complete acceleration curve)


P.S.: I'm not going to do the thread for the Bentley. If someone has one stock and can get the stock times, feel free to make a new thread (don't post here, please) and take the link above. Cheers
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    Didn’t see the handling correction 
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    I know a lot of times automobile catalog is surprisingly accurate, but they still can't allow it because it's still just an estimation.
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    I think the problem of automobile catalog is more that they are not transparent from where they data come from.

    Here it is obvious where it come from ! 

    Congrats ! Very impressive work ! 
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