Lamborghini Miura SV/J

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Idk how accurate this source is but it states that its 0-60 is 3.6 seconds, and it does a standing km in 19.6 seconds (1/2 mile in game is closest to a km, so if anyone have a 1/2 mile test for Miura SVJ do post it).

Also reason I cited the Jota is that the pic matches much closer to the Jota, so maybe name change should be made. Also source cited the bhp to be 440. 


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    Interesting that the video state the SVJ underneath is exactly the same as the Miura P400SV. The specs shown on the card in TD is more related to the Jota than the SVJ, as well as the picture in-game is a Jota. I think a picture change should be noted and maybe a performance change. Also model year should be changed to 1971 since that's when the SVJ was released. 
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    Guys i would like to talk about this car performance, It's literally useless, maxed out 699 it loses against the biggest part of Epic drag cars even with 1 second higher 0-60..In the 1/4 mile win sometimes, on all the other tracks it loses everywhere everytime.
    1/2 mile
    (im not event talking about 1 mile)
    Since it has low grip, it loses on fast circuit and similar stuff too, It s a ***** prize car, It should better than its similars, it should perform competitive, none of these things. 

    It's just beautiful.
    Please hutch fix this car, i repeat, its USELESS.

    By the way, the spec on the card are related to the SVJ model but i can confirm the picture is from the prototype miura jota.
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    Car Name: Miura P400 SVJ.Car in picture: Miura P400 Jota.Change the Car name or Car picture please.
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    Bruh I just said above it needed a name change to the Miura Jota or a picture/name/spec/year change to match the SVJ. Either way Hutch screwed up on this car. 
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    I'm just confused as to the fact that Master even liked my post but still restated what I just said in the post... 
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    And he liked my post before he even restated what I said... 
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    Also @TopDrives40778 just curious, would the correction result in a name change/acceleration improvement to match the Miura Jota or a complete change in the card (i.e.: year, photo, and acceleration change to make it closer to the P400SV)to match the SVJ? 
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    We only report the information, Hutch decides.
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    We only report the information, Hutch decides.
    More than 1 year after many corrections, do you know if they already decided something ? 
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