2012 Ruf Rt 35

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This car may need a top end acceleration buff and a weight change. Currently it weighs 1585 kg in game when it actually weighs 1540 kg. 

In game at 333 tune, it runs 0-186 mph in about 32 seconds

It should run 0-300 km/h in 25.2 seconds.

Also, here is a brochure of the Rt-35 S which has increased power and torque. It runs 0-186 mph in 24.1 seconds.

Here is a brochure of the Rt 35 Roadster which has the same amount of power but weighs slightly more than the coupe. It runs 0-186 mph in 25.5 seconds.

I expect that the Rt 35 Coupe is between those two times just like the magazine states. I know they nerfed this car a couple of updates ago but it might've been too much of a nerf


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