Why did i lose?

Hi all,

Im new to the forum and Top drives so still learning and wondered why im losing a particular race in an event.
I have a class C Renault 5 Turbo with 137, 5.6, 79 and go up against someone on a 1/2 mile drag with the exact same car but his shows 137, 5.8, 79 but he wins with apparently better mid range acceleration?

Many thanks!


  • BeemerBeemer Posts: 0
    The other car was probably 4WD or your car was heavier
  • GaborBartalGaborBartal Posts: 38 ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    0-60 seems to be reliable for 1/4m, anything above and top speed and mid-range acceleration kicks in.
    There are simply cars that don't have much torque near their top speed, you need to experiment and never rely on beating someone so close (0.2 sec) to their accel value.

    The opposite is true, though. Once you figure out which cars have good MRA, you can also beat apparently faster cars on longer than 1/4m. I.e. if your good-MRA-car has a 0.2 sec 0-60 disadvantage, that can easily turn around in 1/2m, 1m, 0-120, 0-150, test bowl.
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