Additional server for beta-testing.

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Okay, the situation when new code mess with the old code is a common problem in developing.  But how can such update succesfully pass the QA? 
If there are some problems with your QA squad, not enough resources, etc.  Maybe release an additional server for a beta testing.  

Just clone production app with the player base, release all updated on that server before the production one and let us - players test it.  I Think there are a lot of players who are ready spend some time on testing to make TD GREAT AGAIN :)

Sorry for my bad english. 


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    Have they said anything about why this happened? I can't find it.
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    Have they said anything about why this happened? I can't find it.
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    Yep, I actually raised this internally a while back! I know of other games that do it. Unfortunately it isn't at all cheap or quick to do, and would also have a significant overhead in terms of maintaining it. We're hoping that with other improvements to our testing process we can reduce the need for it, as per this post.
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    Cloning the Player Base is something that is very hard to do under GDPR. And you can't just use googles alpha/beta tools, as app and server both need to be on the new version and players with the normal app should not be affected.

    But I really hope you have you have an internal testserver for new versions of app and server. This can be done with unsigned apps and manual install. Or there are other ways. :smile:

    If you need some help with this, contact me.

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