What to Purchase with in game money?

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I have around 90,000 in game cash. I'm unsure of what to purchase as far as packs go.. Looking for suggestions and insight on what to purchase and why.

Edit for Campaign Progress:
I'm 21% done with the Campaign.

30/30 UK, France And all 15/15 but 2
20/30 USA
13/30 Japan
3/30 Germany
0/30 Finland
01/30 Colmbia

Current Cars and Upgrades: https://topdrives.club/user-garage/2523

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  • vladimir1989vladimir1989 Posts: 399 ✭✭✭
    Save the money, or spend it on upgrades.

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    Credits come so easily it's more effective to purchase gold in the long term.

    Generally the most effective purchases are slots, followed by carbon fibre packs followed by ceramics. As the first two are gold-only that leaves the third. Three ceramic packs when you've saved a little more would give you at least twice as many super-rares with the chance of something better so it'd be a nice expansion of your garage.

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