Guaranteed class from bigger packs

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Just here to share an interesting idea I got from another game that might help justify buying larger packs, like a 5x carbon fiber or a 10x ceramic. I was so disappointed before when I bought my first 5x carbon fiber and got all B's, complete waste of $50.
So in a game i play (Assoluto Racing) they have something called exotic imports, they have drop rates. You can get paint from it, wheels, special cars and and the rarest of all top cars(1.5% chance of getting one). The game recently added an update where if you buy a bigger pack you're guaranteed 1 car. I love this idea, it's helps with buying decisions and it makes it much more easier to get what you want. 

How would this work in top drives? Well bigger packs like a 5x carbon fiber would guarantee 1 epic(or something like that), that way you get at least one good thing for buying such an expensive pack, here's so cheesy concepts I've made. Sorry if they hurt your eyes. 

What do you guys thing about this? I feel it would boost the purchases of larger packs and make players happier. 


  • Steph81Steph81 Posts: 238 ✭✭✭
    You know how much such a pack would cost ?

    Take the droprates and then you know hutch would have to make it so expensive, no one would buy it
  • SquadalaSquadala Posts: 190 ✭✭✭
    It need to be a mechanic that scans how many Epics you have and gives bigger chance to get one to players that have the less.
    So the less Epics you have the bigger the chance. Or guarantee 1 Epic every 4,5 Carbon packs.
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