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Welcome Beta Testers!

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Thanks for your interest in the Race Kings beta, and welcome to the forums!

You are part of a small and highly valued group of players. During phase 1 of the beta we have limited numbers of players to approximately 600. This will increase as the beta progresses.

So let's get down to business, please make yourselves at home.

Make an Introduction here

Read through the house rules

New to beta? Check the FAQs

Want to report a bug? Check the Known Issues here.

Race Kings is Live Competition Racing in the palm of your hand. Race one-on-one against real, live multiplayer opponents. Experience unique gameplay as you take corners in epic smoking drifts, millimetres from your opponent. Collect and upgrade the world's most desirable licensed cars, rendered in stunning visuals. Compete in a 24/7 calendar of Events to win prizes, leaderboard position - and glory.

What to test?

This version of the game includes many major features - super awesome online drift racing, events with leaderboards and prizes, buying and upgrading cars, and more - but we need your help to find and fix the (many) bugs in this build and keep adding to the features.

We appreciate your patience as you find crashes, problems, things that don't work, things that don't make sense, or just things you don't like. We need you to tell us about all of these. You are part of our QA team, and we thank you for your help. When the game launches you will be able to show other players that you were part of the launch team for Race Kings.

Please play the game exactly as you would normally. You don't have to try to find problems; they'll find you. When they do, come back to the forums or log a bug via Helpshift (

(If you fancy yourself as a serious tester and want to try to break the game, that's also cool - please make sure you log the bugs you find.)

We will be announcing updates, bug fixes, new features, beta participation rewards and a whole host of special events as the beta progresses. Keep one eye on the forums, (and the other eye on your rivals!).

Want to invite a friend? Please direct them to this page:

Enjoy Race Kings - and thanks for being a part of it!
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