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Well, this is embarrassing.  I didn't realize this forum existed until today.  (That's not entirely true because apparently I created an account in May, likely thinking it was the same as the in-game forum.)  Hutch_Tim called this forum to my attention yesterday and suggested that I might share some of my thoughts here and get useful insights and feedback.  Being inexperienced, I don't know what to expect in this forum that's different from the in-game one, except at first glance it appears there's a lower ratio of the "should I keep this car?" posts, but still a handful of "this result can't be right" posts. 

What would I contribute? One of my nerdy hobbies is analyzing numbers, particularly if it allows me to make reliable predictions.  I use it for my job doing improvement projects in manufacturing, but I actually like doing statistics (and I'm aware that for many people that is a clear sign that I have a loose wire in my brain.) That makes Top Drives a fun game to play because of all the stats we have available to us that influence the race results.  I spend a lot of time traveling for work so I use time in airports and such to collect data from the game and analyze it.  With most tracks I have been able to predict within about 0.1 seconds what a course time will be for a given car.  That helps me make decisions about what I keep in my garage and what I focus on upgrading first, next, etc.  I also have certain cars flagged to watch out for because the analysis has suggested that they might be good in one particular race or another.

I've been playing the game for a year now, and mostly keep my info to myself, but a couple of months ago I thought I might share one result of my analysis to the in-game forum to see if anyone would find it useful.  I know most people will just move on, but I found a handful of people liked it so from time to time now I share something there.

That leads to my question.  Based on the kinds of discussions that take place here, is there any interest in me posting those same data-driven posts on this forum?  I'm assuming some (or many?) of those who use this forum don't care for the in-game one? 

I am civil in my discussions, but I'm not interested in emotional arguments that the data is stupid because everything in the game is obvious to you.  But if you want to have healthy dialogue over data-driven ideas then I'd like to contribute.  


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    We haven't gotten to the stage of sharing car drawings either...

    welcome @RexKwonDo, may you never go back to the dark side
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    For me I have a great interest in such statistic data. I would read anything about this technical stuff. 👍🏼
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    Someone recently quoted your analysis about MRA here, and I quite liked it. I'm a fan of statistics, data analysis and numbers in general myself (it's probably an occupational hazard for me as well :)), so welcome here, and keep those posts coming.

    I found your posts on the IG forum, and wow, really interesting stuff. I'd appreciate it if you made your own thread here, with all those exciting results. Would be much easier to consume all that on a bigger screen. :)

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    Welcome Rex. We did have a good discussion about your MRA equation, I was on the opposing side.... but hey that’s the good thing about the web forum, we really hash stuff out here and not just kiss **** all the time. Anyways nice to have another stat man onboard
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    Welcome aboard, What’s your ign? 
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    Please do. I've seen all of your analysis threads so far and your findings are both interesting and useful. 

    I especially liked the twisty road break-even analysis. Do you think you could do something similar for slalom (rolling and stationary) ? I think that it's currently the most confusing stage when it comes to stats. 
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    Welcome. Think you'll find we are a pretty friendly bunch!
    I would certainly be interested in your analysis.
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    Do you have IG nick or just TD number?
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    Welcome Rex! I think a separate post for each discussion would be worthwhile. That way if anyone wants to go back to an earlier discussion with more data etc, it won’t have been buried under the most recent one.
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    RexKwonDo said:
    Thanks for the thoughts everyone.  Sounds like this is the place I should have been all along.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Hutch having their own forum here and a different one run by KTPlay in the game.  I'm also still trying to wrap my brain around the format of the forum here.  Would I make one post for my data threads, and just keep adding to that one?  Or would each one get its own post?

    This has left me wondering what my own IG nickname is.  I always thought it showed me as Rex Kwon Do there too, but maybe that's just the KTPlay side of things and it doesn't flow into the game.  Since I login with Facebook does that mean my real name shows to others in game?

    AI is real.

    Hey Rex Kwon Do, whats the weather in Saint-Petersburg today? 
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    RobGripes said:
    We haven't gotten to the stage of sharing car drawings either...

    welcome @RexKwonDo, may you never go back to the dark side
    But the pictures are my favourite part! :(
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    i have read your posts on the ingame forum. always wondered why they didnt appeared here. but you explained it yourself.
    keep them coming, think they will be appreciated.
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    I agree to disagree
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    RexKwonDo said:
    *gasps and places sticky note over laptop camera*

    Oh you're gonna fit right in here.

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    Numbers ❤️
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    Just found out, that the IG forum is also available on the web, so until @RexKwonDo makes his own threads, his work can be found here. Hope you don't mind Rex.

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    S3XY said:
    We don't rate our garages here as well :)
    What are you talking about?  Everyone rates my garage!  :#

    Wait, or is hates my garage...   :D
    I guess it is impossible to rate because the scroll wheel on my mouse will die before it can reach the end of your garage.
    But I agree with what you said!
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    RexKwonDo said:
    *gasps and places sticky note over laptop camera*
    Just wait until @Gsearch sends you a Google maps picture of the road you live on 😉
    I have no idea what you are talking about @grandvache

    Welcome Rex.  Anyone who can help us figure out what Hutch is doing with these race cars is an excellent addition to the forum.

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