Farming the "Challenge"

I saw people talking about "farming the challenge", can someone elaboate on this or point me to the info?

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    They're talking about deliberately getting 2 stars so you don't progress but can instead continue to get rewards on future attempts at that round. 

    It's typically done on Round 25 so it's easy to use one of the last tickets that week to go three star and claim the final stage reward as well. 
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    Thank You :)
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    this is a farm hand for round 23 of this weeks challenge. the porsche looses. i set up my farm hand a bit more early, to prevent unwanted finishing. 2 stars with this one.

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    Thank You :)
  • OldschoolOldschool Posts: 5
    Here is mine for round 24, was a bit scared as the Mercedes climbed the first 2 hills... had the RQ 3 Porsche at first but he lost to the last car :D

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    What's said above is true, but you will find that in the 5x3 grid of rewards, if you 3 star the first 24 rounds and then 2 star the last, you will waste some tickets due to how the prize board works. At the end of round 24 you will have 3 picks left when you start farming, so you 2* leaving 1 pick, then 2* again, and waste a star. Then the following prize board isn't divisible by two either, so when you clear that you also waste a star.

    The efficient (but riskier) method is to start farming early at round 21.
    Round 21: 2* then 3*
    Round 22: 2* then 3*
    Round 23: 2* then 3*
    <new prize board>
    Round 24: 2* then 3*
    This leaves you 10 prize slots to 2* until a fresh prize board without wasting any prize slots.
    Finally, you 2* until you run out of time and then 3* to complete the challenge.

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    Thanks for the clarification, this went quite well this week, thank you :)
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