Best cars for each type of race

I'm trying to figure out what are the best cars of C and B classes for each type of race, until this moment i played with Impala, Caterham 160, Mondeo, Colt ralliart and some others, but i got a lot of B and C cars but i don't know if i upgrade them or not.
Thanks for your help, and sorry if i have a bad english.


  • GhostLightGhostLight Posts: 1
    For 0-60, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile races the now-C rated El Camino (2nd gen) is one of the best few. Doesn't worth upgrading for handling, just go for a 331 or 332. You can get it down to 4.0 sec 0-60.

    For races in need of higher handling the Career-prize
    Lotus Elise 135 is very good. Handling in the mid-90s, acceleration in the mid 4s, weight under 1000.
    And the Caterham at C16 (I think). Very light, fairly good handling (mid 80s), good acceleration (low 4s), BUT low top speed.

    Hill Climb, dirt and snow races: Datsun Rally car can get you almost anywhere, except hill climb. For hill climbs you need medium to high ground clearance, preferably 4wd and off road tires. (All-terrain will do too.)

    In rainy weather STD tires will have a bonus against PERF tires.

    For street races, like City Streets Small, City Streets Medium, you'll need at least medium ground clearance as there are two and 3-or-4 bumps respectively in the tiny streets.

    Hope I helped. If still have specific questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to help.
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