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Tri-series format

MoogMoog Member Posts: 325 ✭✭✭
I thought it might be worth a topic to discuss the current format of prize cars. I appreciate that Hutch are also trying other formats such as the Austin challenge and the Firebird thing and that's great, but I wanted to discuss the traditional tri-series format.

The idea behind the tri-series I believe, is that the reward in event 1 (E1) gave a car that would be useful in E2 which would in turn help in E3. This hasn't always recently been the case, and I now question if the prelims and qualifiers are worth running or not.

In a recent tri-series, I placed in T1 in E1 and T2 (I think) in E2. I didn't use either car in the final.

Rather than just slag off the current format, I thought it might be useful to ask what ideas people have for an interesting format for an event for winning prize cars.

Something like, how about a long event is run, say 5 days, but the requirements change every 24 hours. There would be issues with ghosts perhaps that would need to be overcome.
Or maybe an event that mixed the Challenge series with a finals event, where you had to complete the challenge as a qualifier (I guess this is kind of to the current Firebird events).

Lets hear your ideas.


  • TimButTimBut Member Posts: 840 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well, no one guaranteed you that prize cars in Quals and Prelims will be the BEST possible cars for event.  They are gonna be useful for those who dont have best cars still.  For me quals and prelims - are mostly a free way to get important food, not much, but still. 

    The only thing I dont like in this format - 3 days long events. 
  • greddygreddy Member Posts: 1,392 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I miss that Penta series with events in different timezones. 
  • KarhgathKarhgath Member Posts: 33 ✭✭
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    I agree, that was a let down for the BX tri-series. Giving each a UR only + CF was a let down. I finally have a very strong French hand, and good mitsu/subaru (my only good hands). I've only been playing for a couple of months, but I finished T1 in qualifier and prelims.

    Sure, I was very unlucky from the CF - I ended up with multiple S4 and M5 (which %-wise is not bad, they are clearly the better URs). I bought another German Saloon pack and was at least lucky to get an average epic that at least helped.

    In the end I was stuck in T2, absolutely no chance to go above 12 - all hands in 1-12 had no M5 and no S4 at all, many hands 13-25 had none either. Whenever I got around the 14th position, an hour later I was 30th and had to carefully climb back. These cars that were supposed to help were holding me back completely, making me noncompetitive. 

    The S4 and M5 aren't bad, but it was not worth investing in the prelim and qualifiers at all. You needed a good epic hand on your own, or buy a lot of german saloon CF and be lucky I guess, which would have been a major investment.

    Lesson learned I guess. I'm still happy with my T2 finish, my US offroad hand needed help, but yeah, I was expecting the final to be somehow RQ-limited since they only gave out URs. Still, disappointed that you need to spend serious money to be competitive and can just skip the first 2 events as they are useless.

    As for ideas, I do not know. I understand it needs to balance F2P, P2W, new players, long term players - but as someone who only put limited money in the game, and being somewhat new, I have no idea when I'll be able to get my hand on a good prize car. It looks like even late joining the final is better than participating in the prelims. Hutch need better Tier 1 cars in the prelims and qualifs - not asking for a RS7 Avant, but at least a car that would not be easy to get in a German Saloon CF.
  • OzzmanOzzman Member Posts: 1,057 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I really liked the knockout structure of the Smart/Rover/Superbird event. But the game, as it is now, doesn't really have the necessary feature set to support such events. Too many prize cars had to be given out, and the progression events were a bit awkward as well. We should be able to progress to a next event by finishing in a certein tier in a previous event. So here's an idea once we can do that.

    1. Qualifier: The tri-series would begin with a single Qualifier event with three tiers to finish at.
    2. Prelim: T1 finishers of the Qualifier would go on to Prelim A event, T2 finishers to Prelim B, and T3 finishers to Prelim C.
      The Prelim events would also have three tiers to finish at.
      a) T1 and T2 finishers of Prelim A would go to Final A (the grand finale with the prize car), while T3 finisher would go to Final B (with a decent, but non-prize car as top prize).
      b) T1 finisher of Prelim B would also go to Final A, T2 would go to Final B, while T3 would go to Final C (with no prize car, but still a CF as top prize maybe).
      c) T1 finisher of Prelim C would go to Final B, while T2 and T3 would go to FInal C.

    I know it seems complicated at first glance, but in short, you would progress in a knockout series based on your finishing positions.
    Possible routes are:
    Q.T1 - PA.T1 - FA
    Q.T1 - PA.T2 - FA
    Q.T1 - PA.T3 - FB
    Q.T2 - PB.T1 - FA
    Q.T2 - PB.T2 - FB
    Q.T2 - PB.T3 - FC
    Q.T3 - PC.T1 - FB
    Q.T3 - PC.T2 - FC
    Q.T3 - PC.T3 - FC
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