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Slickz - Tiretype - RQ

SluppermadnSluppermadn Member Posts: 43
Atm. cars with slickz delivers the same performance as cars with performance tires and 2-3 higher rq. That makes cars with slicks a super car for events with rq limit.
Cars with slickz, does as I see it, need to cost the same, as a normal car with same performance, and then you just can't use it, when there are sets with 5*Non dry tarmac. If that happened all the time, the lower rq would make sense, but when was the last time we had an event, where porche was the goto car, and at least 1 set with no track wth dry tarmac? I expect the answer is never. So 968/927 is plain and simple overpowered.

If you changed it to same rq as performance cars, pulling a car with slickz, is good, but just not as good as a car with performance tires. Right now pulling a car with slickz, is gamechanging.


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