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Time To Say Goodbye

I have deleted Top Drives from my phone. After months and months and months of playing every single day, it is now time to say goodbye.

And this is not just about clubs. Clubs are no fun, true, but I haven't been really enjoying the game for a few months know, playing less and less and sticking around just to see how clubs turn out. And we all know how that went, right?

But as I already said, this is not just about clubs. The events are repetitive and boring and rewarding only for top players. Challenges are fun, but they are slow and few. The campaign was probably the most exciting part of the game, but hutch won't extend it or make it replayable in some way.

But the main problem is that you hutch focus too directly on selling your coins. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware you need to earn money to continue developing the game. But by focusing so much on your sales, you have forgotten to work on the thing that really matters - game experience. Focus on the game experience, and the coins will come by themselves, without agressive selling.

And the second problem is that you have apparently lost your creativity. Players want excitement, fun, something fresh, but you keep delivering the same old repetitive gameplay. 

I'm done.

However, I wish you hutch all the best in your future endeavours. Top Drives was fun for a while and it still has great potential, so I hope you will manage to change your ways and make this game great again.

Drive well you all.


  • antonyhopantonyhop Member Posts: 102 ✭✭✭
    Finally I deleted the game too. But its a different story than yours. I could just not play the game ! Too many server errors !! I have not been able to try the clubs ! not even a single race for a week ! If I am lucky I could race once per day usually in the daily event (RIP), and then at the prize board I would get a server error... 
    Support is too busy to answer or maybe their messages or mine are not getting through. Anyway, there is no point in trying anymore. I even downloaded the game on a brand new android device and tried other wifi and cellular networks hoping that there was an error with the previous app, but again, nothing.  
    On the other hand, f1 manager seems to work fine... 
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