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Muscle Car

I'm seeing there is a missing vehicle and looks like some people are calling it the muscle car. How do I get it?


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hi there.  Yes indeed we have a special offer on android where if you download and play MMX Racing then we unlock that Muscle car for you.  The offer did exist on iOS for a while but we unfortunately had to remove it.
    HOWEVER... if you contact us via help & support in the game's settings menu and ask nicely then our support team will  be happy to unlock that for you! :)
  • So I went to help and support and there wasn’t anything there to indicate about asking nicely for the muscle and I’m playing on Android but mmx racing isn’t on the google play store can you please help me out
  • aman2710aman2710 Posts: 4
    Thanks! I’ll put in the request. So I just received the email that I have gotten a reply to this question, it’s October in 2019 hahaha.
  • jack_packjack_pack Posts: 2
    Who should I contact to unlock the muscle car?
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