Private/Personal Leagues - upvote please all League Racers :)

Tarr_MacHunterTarr_MacHunter Posts: 13
1. I would like to see private leagues added as an extra mode, so u can race directly against your friends in a limited amount of races - similar to the events. I am in a League Racing community with racers all over the world, but even though we often land up in the same division (Junior II, etc) we never land up in each others  "splits".

2. Would also like to have a way to discard chests, so for example u can discard lower league chests, or keep one slot open for that gold chest drop for example.

Let's get upvoting so Hutch can see we want/NEED these added to keep our interest in the game over long term ;)


  • SerafaSerafa Posts: 15
    Hey, I like your idea #1 very much. We could even have more than 2 friends competing together in the same race. How cool would that be!
  • That's the idea, I'm already thinking how to "limit" league races to be almost equal. I know a few ppl I raced F1 2019 with that would be very interested.
  • SerafaSerafa Posts: 15
    Yeah, I also have lots of friends who would like to participate in something like this.
  • Tarr_MacHunterTarr_MacHunter Posts: 13
    Probably worth mentioning the league we race is - and if it happens we will likely organise it through the league website. Any F1 2019 racers are welcome so long of course :)
  • cloustelcloustel Posts: 1
    Great suggestions.  I agree management if you read these comments. 
  • BuriedFriendBuriedFriend Posts: 10
    I believe in the leagues. We should be able to join our friends in a common league. This would provide league battles later on and also induce card trading as well. I think this loot/chest game should follow suit like most other ones. Get your players more active with other players. 

    #2 suggestion is all about personal management. When I have a free slot I only race 7th tier. When I have no free slot I race 6th. I build coins and collect cards better this way.
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