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Maxed parts/drivers

MmmmApplesMmmmApples Posts: 2
Not a question, but a suggestion. I have all common parts and drivers lvl 10. and Opening green 3h crates is pretty well useless. So here’s my suggestions

Have my extra parts be converted to crate pieces and once we collect (insert number here) then we can open the “Xtra crate”


have those extra pieces be converted into a “scrap” and let us spend that on different parts or drivers cycled through the store. Kinda like it is now with the bucks store, just have different parts featured everyday and let us spend the “scrap” on a part or driver

i see y’all keeping track of the extra pieces, so let me do something with them! Pretty please 🙏 


  • RobertRobert Posts: 3
    I would say that this should be applicable for all the parts, I have many parts the I will never upgrade, would be good to have the possibility to move them to useful components... at the end we should all be able to reach the desired components...
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