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About tracks

kingpad21kingpad21 Posts: 2
Hello. It would be great idea when we complete all the flags then we can play any track and we can bet 3 possible choices. For example 500k, 1 million and 2 millions. Its so boring to play always singapore, monako and baku. Thank you for your listening me.


  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
     Those tracks are okay if you are looking for those crates.  The coins become useless.
  • kingpad21kingpad21 Posts: 2
    Hmmm nope. Think that im trying to stay in legends level so i need play for 2 millions to stay there. So its  boring to play always same tracks. And somethink else. Lower lever  crates gives u 24k and legends level 32k. So whats the point to go legends level.?
  • MajorJeffMajorJeff Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
    kingpad21 said:
    So whats the point to go legends level.?
    You get to make fancy YouTube Videos...  ;)
  • Series8AllTracksSeries8AllTracks Posts: 78 ✭✭
    edited January 9
    Once you get to legendary level, just delete the game, create new profile, and enjoy Beginning tracks, joke of the day! Or apply job in Hutch Development in London, and make new series, until then enjoy Baku, Singapore And Singapore.
    Reson I made this joke: cause, I never seen a Hutch person reply or assure us for any update. Doesn't matter how much you play, pay or support them. I wish they care and leave a comment to our forum, they should at least pick 1 post of the day and reply. At least 1 post. How can we put trust in Hutch? I sometimes think after we have spent time and money, they might shut down this app due to lack of users, they hardly reached 1 million users.
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