Impossible to overtake AI car on their in lap

Why can't my cars overtake AI cars on their in lap when I have much more tyre life, am using full speed, this has cost me so many races because the lead I have has been destroyed and then the opponent just sails past the car I have spent best part of a lap unable to overtake. 
Another idiot feature of this game is if my tyres get to 0% I lose places because naturally I slow down, but if my non AI opponent lets his tyres reach 0% he actually still manages to stay ahead( even though I am noticeably faster) or even PULLS AWAY from my car with more tyre life.  Both are similar issues and are driving me crazy! 
Anyone else having similar issues? Or found a " cure"?


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    You said it right, when it's impossible, right?
    When it's impossible, right?
    Impossible, right?
    I can go on all night...long.
    #Baby boy, you answered your own question.
    Conserve fuel behind non pitted cars, hammer time behind already pitted car.
    Happy New Year!
    Game is designed to stay patient behind non pitted cars, green button.
    Game is designed to overtake only pitted cars, Red button.
    However there some exceptions:
    Every track has 2 overtakeable corners, used for overtaking non pitted cars, if you start with Soft tire and car ahead start with hard.
    Find those treasure corners. Experiment, until experienced.
    In first lap AI will shuffle car positions to make it a race, because you and your rival chooses tires in lottery, AI resolves that lottery in first lap.

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    Simple as that
  • davecanndavecann Posts: 25
    Thanks, but I have followed non pitted AI car for a full lap on every track several times now with red button on and not overtaken, I am stuck behind it until it dives off into pit at end of lap.
     Maybe I am just going to have to check to see if an AI car in front of me has still to pit and just stay off red button, let the my opponent overtake me, sail past the AI car with no holdup and then I will lose the race this way,  the bonus of doing this will be that I will have a whole load of fuel left at end of race so FIA scrutineering won't be able to disqualify me for being underweight! Silver lining to every cloud!
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    Adorable!  😍
  • Series8AllTracksSeries8AllTracks Posts: 78 ✭✭
    So cute!
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