money disappeared

pitoopitoo Posts: 2
i had 11 million coin, i played 1 7 series and i won, and now i have 4 million coin instead of 13. please help, where is my coins?? wtf happened???? i had 11 million before start the race which i won. i get series 7 gold box but samehow my coins just gone. help, dunno what to do


  • pawelpawel Posts: 1
    edited January 8
    Witam. Miałem przed wyścigiem 1258 i zagrałem za 200 w którym wygrałem 400 i zamiast mieć na koncie1458 miałem 858 ... Co jest grane?

  • odontalsurgeonodontalsurgeon Posts: 1
    edited January 8
    Money disappeared multiple times. Started with 1.3 million, lose one game of $600k and down to 120,000. It also happened yesterday, won a game of $200k but no money coming in. 

    It has been a more and more common issue with this game! 
  • pitoopitoo Posts: 2
    edited January 8
    what can we do??? lost over 15 million already and now have only 1. lost series 7 race when i had 5 million and lost 2x coins,what  is happening?? 
  • allanallan Posts: 4
    Hoje a tarde fechei o jogo com 900.00 quando abri o agora só tinha 600.00
  • GlenRoss_ZAGlenRoss_ZA Posts: 6
    Had 20m, lost a race and now I have 10m!
  • GlenRoss_ZAGlenRoss_ZA Posts: 6
    Won a race and down to 7.5m this is a joke FML. 
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