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DavidEnochOnasisDavidEnochOnasis Posts: 2
edited December 2019 in R&D
Please fix start light removing it off the screen after start of race. Let us stockpile crates instead of only having 4 slots? Have yet to see a wreck but have seen pace car out on a caution. Videos for coins and one free crate, still suggesting you run vehicle related commercials instead of other phone games I'll never play. Maybe we can get sponsors from Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, DHL?

Thank you,
Ryan David


  • Tarr_MacHunterTarr_MacHunter Posts: 13
    I had 2 wrecks in 2 races. They definitely occur but seems completely random and really bad luck - I didnt have any for my first 100+ races. Then both were crashes in the pitlane. Another 50+ races later I had a 3rd crash.

    Crates u should be able to discard them, so u can either try get higher series to replace the lower ones, or keep a slot open for gold crate, etc.
  • Tarr_MacHunterTarr_MacHunter Posts: 13
    Also what's happened to me - on my older device that has an issue with newer apps and OS - the start lights stay on sometimes.

    On my newer devi e it never happens.
  • Series8AllTracksSeries8AllTracks Posts: 78 ✭✭
    Magnussen will wreck in Mexico, Perez don't like China. Grosjean is bad in Brazil.
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