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Another idea once everything maxed out

davecanndavecann Posts: 25
How about (once you complete S7 and have everything and drivers maxed out) the option to buy legendary drivers and cars and to be able upgrade these?


  • Series8AllTracksSeries8AllTracks Posts: 78 ✭✭
    More clarity plz
  • davecanndavecann Posts: 25
    Well legendary drivers such a Senna , Fangio, Schumacher, Moss, Mansell, Prost, Lauda, Hunt etc once S7 is complete AND all the upgrades have been achieved in parts And drivers OR just drivers give the players the opportunity to purchase these drivers with the hundreds of millions they have accrued from the go events and the regular game and be able to upgrade them. The same with Legendary cars, the best cars from across the decades...... Williams FW14 , McLaren MP Lotus 72, McLaren M23, Mercedes WO5, Ferrari 2002, Ferrari 2004, Red Bull RB9, Alfa Romeo 158/159, Tyrell P34, Ferrari 641, Williams FW26, Brabham BT 46b, Ferrari 312T. To name just a few these are from different eras so have a few 1950' s, 1960's,1970's etc to choose from and then upgrade them either by collecting crates (as the existing crates will not be of use) or get given an upgrade for winning a race....allow 10 upgrades per car....for example you start with the existing data for that car and then increase the speed, braking efficiency, fuel efficiency, tyre use efficiency, downforce etc
  • Legend81Legend81 Posts: 94 ✭✭
    Great, this game is full of opportunities and options for future. Nice ideas! Bro!
  • davecanndavecann Posts: 25
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