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So, as I have reached a point in S tier where all I do is just log in, do those 3 double payouts, grind the x number of races in pvp event and thats it.
Sitting on almost 2 mil. cash I was wondering if you could make fusion credits purchaseable with ingame cash.
We have 18 different manufactorers that require their own amout of FCs...now since very rarerly there are events to farm them, its just a pita not being able to fuse the cars we have....it will take months and months before 1 car is even fully fused.
or add them as bonus rewards, or as additional rewards in the pvp endresult ranking....anything really where we can grind them, no matter how long it might take but at least let us grind for them in some way on a daily basis.


  • I like the idea of being able to purchase them for in game cash and I also like the idea of having them as bonus awards. I also really dont have anything to use my in game cash on because I bought the chiron sport, which is arguably the best non-fused car in the game at S tier (maybe the p1 but I dont have it) and now I only race in the pvp events. 

    I would like to point out though that I give credit to Hutch for making their game in a way where success at S tier is very possible without paying money for microtransactions! 
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    I agree. Need more ways to get fusion credits. I suggest as bonus rewards during double payout. also, add double payout for other tiers even after completing those tiers. I've completed the tier b, c d ladder and boss. after that, the only thing is easy payout and once in awhile a competition for that tier. a new competition started, I bought brz with gold and maxed it out with 1 star. now I'm unable to fuse because of no credits.
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