Elo PvP Idea

I think it would be awesome to have some sort of region or global elo ladder with seasons. Example each season could be a week, 2 weeks, or however long and players would race against each other using a classic elo system. It could be done either head to head or with ghosts like in the current pvp events.

This would add a lot of longevity to the game. As someone who has finished all tiers of bosses, I would enjoy continuing to be able to compete against something. Another idea could be some sort of cup series. You could pick a different tier each series. For example, one season at Tier D, one at Tier C, next at tier B, etc, etc.

The main thing is that once you finish tier S bosses there is really nothing motivating me to play the game, other than collecting cars I guess. 

Please add more competitive content to this game soon! I love the mechanics and gameplay and I would be very disappointed if this game becomes boring just because of a lack of content to compete against!



  • drvortexdrvortex Posts: 7
    great input. I agree but still working on finishing up the ladders and bosses. I'm almost there but unable to upgrade my higher tier cars due to the lack of parts. its costs so much gold to purchase and not getting enough in bonus rewards
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