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Tier S Head to Head: Koenigsegg One

I received an email today about the new Koenigsegg One head to head event. Has anyone entered the event? I don't see it, in game. Thanks


  • mcjoe45mcjoe45 Posts: 3
    The Koenigsegg One head to head event is visible since wednesday 5th.
    But since I don't have this car, I am not going to enter. Come one : 3.999 gold for the car, 500 gold to enter,  if I really wanted to enter I had to buy gold and it would be about 48 dollar. Just to enter this subgame...and start with a basic non-upgraded car.
    And even if I would spend even more and be in the top 3, you only get 473 gold back.
    That's not a good deal.

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