Force reboot during race

LukemanLukeman Posts: 1
I lost the because this problem I want get back my money 60000


  • ViRuZViRuZ Posts: 1
    It reboot during race some time ,it have a massage network lost but my network is very strong
  • robadetrobadet Posts: 2
    I was 1/2 through a 600k race and the game message reboot appeared (guessing because the next round for the lunar new year was released) could not continue race lost money NOT HAPPY!!
    Can you fix this not a good way to run a game. Unless you are hoping to take money from your players
  • elpioffoelpioffo Posts: 1
    Force reboot surfing race i wanted back my 600000
  • robadetrobadet Posts: 2
    Does anyone check these posts?, I had another forced rebook 1/2 through a race I was blitzing and lost another 600k, what's going on. If the game needs to rebook when the event timer gets to zero don't let people race 10 mins before. I would like my money back!
  • milo8107milo8107 Posts: 8
    This is happening too often...... the Game crashes just after quali or during race - very very frustrating...... I am in the final round of the current event (26Jan2020) and the game has crashed 3 times during my 10 races - race 1, 5 and 8..... u will see I was awarded only 3 points for the above mentioned...... pls fix - this Is not fair on the players...... I have mentioned this before and no restitution was made..... u guys have a good game but poor management and customer service is gonna bite u in the **** - Michael Lopez, linked to Facebook Account.
  • DDTDDT Posts: 1
    I lost a lot if money because this issue. Todas happens every second race
  • mikerob18mikerob18 Posts: 4
    This happen to me in a event race think the other player dropped out causing the crash but it forfeit me as well given me 3 points and now I’m out of the event because you need to get a perfect score to get anything it’s not fair spent months of times and $100s of real money and I’m at the point my cars almost never lose now almost 47 points every time I race I’m so fucked off at the moment 
  • lesbgoodlesbgood Posts: 1
    Recurring theme, surely it's not beyond the programmers ability to inform us and reset lost races. Again and again and again.
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