PL 11.1 Engine Traction Bonus change

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I've been scouring the 11.1 Patch Notes in search of an explanation that would have changed the way ETB is affecting performance of off road cars on off road surfaces, the only thing I could find is;

"Slick tyre vehicles had too much traction on off-road inclines meaning implausible cars could complete off-road Hill Climbs on snow and mud. This has now been fixed."

However, I'm sure many have noticed that 333 Epics and 333 Legends are being destroyed by 969 UR's in the Finals. I did some further digging into this and have some concrete times to compare versus PL11 update.

The times are all from Ice Slalom, which is said to be affected the most by ETB;

PL11 Times
969 Metro 6R4: 1:26.47
969 Ford Escort: 1:34.48
699 Ford Escort: 1:37.00
336 Audi S1: 1:33.27
636 Suzuki PP: 1:36.85
969 Citroen BX: 1:27.20

PL 11.1 Times
969 Metro 6R4: 1:28.88
969 Ford Escort: 1:36.77
699 Ford Escort: 1:40.77
336 Audi S1: 1:40.67
636 Suzuki PP: 1:41.39
969 Citroen BX: 1:29.70

So what do we see here? In the move to PL 11.1 the 969 cars all collectively lose 2 seconds each in time (roughly) where as my PP lost 5 seconds and my S1 lost 7 seconds. You can see the pattern versus engine upgrades, right?

Now, what's really a kick in the teeth, is that a 969 Escort can beat a 4WD 336 S1 after this change has been made - not right at all. I'm told a 636 S1 will complete it in 1:33.3 - which is just faster than the Escort, however still 5 seconds slower than the Metro, even when the Audi has the superior stats.

I don't know if this change was intentional, or a side effect of another change when trying to fix the slicks-climbing-hills, but this particular section of times is a snippet of the off road times. It's here to bring it to Hutch's attention more than anything.

In the meantime, don't put upgrades in your off roaders unless you can max it, I guess....


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    I rather the RWD bug to this mess of traction changes. They fixed one problem and created 3 more. I'm not complaning, I'm just astonished by this. Why they didn't made a little more test before the update? We can wait a little longer for the sake of "wellbeing" of the game LOL
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