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Avoid real Grand Prix weekends when staging game GP events

StuUttStuUtt Posts: 5
Before the real F1 season starts again can I make a suggestion.
Don't tie the game GP events to the same weekend as real F1 weekends.
At the end of the season last year when the GP events started it became obvious quite quickly that participating in a GP event was soon going to be far too much to commit to, let me explain.

I am a working man with a wife and family, I am not massively in to sports (football etc) but I do enjoy F1. So, Saturday comes F1 qualifying is on, to watch full coverage that is 2 hours+, I also have to race 10-12 races on GP event, this will take about an hour and a half. That is 3 hours on Saturday. Sunday comes and we have a race to watch. 3 hours minimum to watch, then another hour and a half on GP event.
Over 2 days to get anything more from the game ( majority of the game is now maxed) I have to commit to over 8 hours. With 2 days off at the weekend this will soon become too much, especially with back to back races.

Long explanation, quick resolution - have the GP event the week before the race, you can still tie the race to the county for real, you get to build tension up over the course of a fortnight though instead of 2 days.

I would like to hear others thoughts on this.


  • Series8AllTracksSeries8AllTracks Posts: 78 ✭✭
    Not a bad idea or thought, of it help some users like you. I think no one will have any problem with your idea. It's just gaming. A week early is just fine. We shouldn't be serious about video games in any stage of life whether its school days or parenting days. We should take care of priorities, depends which come first, for some priority is gaming for some its school for some its family. But for sure for Hutch it's to make it a great experience for all of us in 1 shot.
    Saying that, I think it's better to have on same weekend for overall satisfaction. However, a week early, not a big deal. Can have it week later also, not a big deal at all. It's just a video game after all. What's your priority?
  • DawgPounderDawgPounder Posts: 6
    I would suggest having it the week after and using the real life data to influence the GP weekend....
    1) weather conditions - game matches conditions
    2) qualifying result - influences possible qualifying position based on chosen driver/car and weather
    3) number of VSC/SC's - increases/decreases chance of a safety car
    4) race performance  - influences driver performance
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