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I will keep it short and put some short ideas in that came up ever since I started playing RR when it came out that I think might enhance the overall gaming fun:

- the different tiers outside of events getting obsolete: ladder is fine, double payouts are fine, those are quick and youre over fast with them. NOW for example Im currently at S tier and dont really care about the other ones. Once we finish and move on to the next tier thats pretty much the place we gind.
Maybe add something like a "daily chase race", meaning go hunt Boss Tyler or Bosss Ava etc in Peak View or Westreach Bay or wherever, maybe even make them spawn in diff. locations at the same....that would put some usage to various tier cars and incentivise players to keep on upgrading lower tier cars they have instead of just using them as fusing material.

- more events (especially PvP) spread throughout the tiers at the same time, meaning: keep the current 4-5 day competition format with the rewards and all BUT add quick 24h competitions for trophys only and/or make the requirement entry based on your player lvl (at least that will have a meaning). And the more trophys you have the more access you gain to special deals for parts, or get higher valued daily login bonus etc. etc (Im sure you can figure something out :) )

- last but not least....an actual ingame ladder showing who won the most trophys and what other players are actually around...I kinda miss the option to see whos top notch and whos not...I mean those trophies gotta have some meaning as well as a reward to them.

edit: almost forgot it, but please please please shorten the challenge event finishing time...most of us are done quickly and have to wait for 4-5 days to participate in the next one...thats waaaay too long.

thats it as for now on top of my head.
thx for reading.
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    Hey so I have an suggestion that you should also included free ride mod so players can study an enjoy all the area with out any  bountry like in need for we can go for a free rides and because of that we can go to some other area where there are no tracks like in some area we no events or boss to defeat and you should also includ some story like part 2 in same game witch unlock after the first story ends like an other islands so that all and we are eagerly waiting for this thanks for creating this great game and never change graphics because they are like best in an Android 
    And yes all need more car customizing options 
    Like other things we can change like hood style 
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