Enough of finding better People than me

TongithebestTongithebest Posts: 2
I do my normal matches to gain money and i begin with series 4 and I win a couple of Tages so I can get till series 5, and also there i generally win, therefore I am able to do series 6. I arrive in series 7, and I have something like 1350 as Maximum flags, and I continuously find people with 1770 flags (maximum) with Adversary „Final“ medals for Grand Prix Events. I don‘t Even know the Qualifying yet, but i am 100% sure that I will lose, and this is an infinite Loop. Now, First of all, Hutch wrote in the „helps“ section That you should be Provided with players of your Level and Not stronger or weaker, but apparently this isn’t the case. Another thing i want to Point out is that also in the „helps“ section it is written that After a row of lost Games, the matchmaking should be in a way that it will be easy to win the Next game. Why did i want to underline this? Because there is a difference in Winning in series 7 than series 6 or anywhere below, in a Sense that apparently the Game recognises the win in series 1 as a break in the row of losses and so you could lose again in series 7, just that in order to get to series 7, you Need to win in lower series, and now this becomes a paradox. Anyone of you has the same problem as mine? If so, have you found a Solution to this? Thank you in advance for any of your answers


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