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gurkangurkan Posts: 20
It is now 10 weeks that I started playing this game and for the first time I could not get the promotion and will stay in the Champion division.

This matchmaking is a very important part of this game and I believe there is room for improvement there. Why?

The following are what I learnt from or feeling about this game:
1. The most important "asset" of this game is the cards, the assets that let us improve our cars and drivers. Improving the correct parts and using the best possible combination is an indiator of the quality of the player.
2. Qualifying depends on the setup of our car and drivers. We cannot "cheat" on this. Whatever configuration we hit the race button, it is that configuration we will race. The better it is the better we will qualify (on average).
3. The flags are some signs used in this game as the points to show us our levels. It is assumed that we are as good as the flags we have. And in current system, matchmaking's main contributor is this. The problem is, we can "cheat" on this attribute. We can go as slow as we want and easily lose some matches and lose flags. This was already agreed by Hutch in their previos comments on this subject.
4. From the start to the end of the race, what we do are the "tactics". This is purely the quality of the player. If everything is equal at the start, in the long run, the better player will most races.

We all know that if we start well in front, we win those games most of the times. And if we start the race well behind, we lose it, whatever we do. If the starts were closer, the races would be decided by the tactics (most of the times, in the long run, in total...).

So how fair is to make the matching with the number of flags? Or the history of flags?

Hutch must, ( the "must" here is imho), give us fair races.

So, could you please match us according to our configuration for that specific duel? You have the data. You do know what my qualifying result might be on average, on those 3 possible circuits. Could you please use this data and do the matchmaking purely based on our race configuration? I mean really, please.

If you do this, we will have results based on our quality only, the tactics.


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