Can we expect any reduction in game service?

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With the announcement in the UK around non-essential work travel, I was just wondering whether there are likely to be any implications for the game during this period? I appreciate home working may be sufficient but can we expect a downturn in the number of running events? Or if events are planned months in advance, as has been mentioned before, are we unlikely to see any effect in game?

Obviously, stay safe ladies and gents.

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    Thanks for responding Robin. So no impact expected to day to day but planned updates could, and depending on the length of these restrictions are in place, most likely will be delayed.
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    #staysafe #stayathome.. i see in Uk restriction are still not good as other EU country. By the way.. just keepsafe, when everything will be ok continue working on update, but... WE WANT SOME FORMULA FUN EVENTS AGAIN :D 
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    aelburt said:
    Again, Formula Fun isn't an event type, it's an image. We use it when there isn't a more suitable image. I could just put it on a bunch of events, if that would calm the nerves. It wouldn't mean anything though.
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