Selling a Legendary?

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Hi, I was wondering if I should sell my Porsche 917 legendary. It sound silly yes but honestly I barely use it. Alot of the events always have rain in it and it just never fits in any of the requirements. Was wondering if I should sell it for cash and just use it to buy ceramics? 


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    No.The porsche can come in very handy in some tracks, such as drag race, with high speed and a low 0-60 tie (220 mph, 2.3) However, city streets is a bad choice and offroading is a bad idea too due to low ground clearance and slick tires. The car has over 110 MRA too
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    "Never sell a Legendary"... Even if it's the Porsche Panamera, or worst. Think of them as your finger, if you cut it from your hand, is pretty hard to get it back, and the will come handy when you less expect it (lol waht a horrible example).
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    "Never sell a Legendary"... Even if it's the Porsche Panamera, or worst.
    As a general rule of thumb, I also live by this "never sell a legendary" parole. But certain legendaries might not be useful to keep around if you're not planning on upgrading them because they get beaten by upgraded epics anyway. So yes, some legendaries can actually be sold. The problem is, it is usually new players who don't have the full understanding of the considerations one must take who ask these questions, so my answer would generally be "never sell a legendary". I've played for nearly two years and have sold 2 legendaries the last year, and I don't regret it (got a couple of great epics in the ceramics packs I got for them). One of my sold legendaries was the RQ27 Porsche 911 Turbo (2001). It has no real strengths and is not worthy the legendary status IMO. The cash is worth more than keeping the car.
    With all that said: Don't sell the Porsche 917. It is light, has amazing MRA, great top speed and great handling. Keep it around and you'll get great use out of it some day. Some cars have long hiatuses, but that doesn't make them useless. Useless cars are cars that see use but lose all the time.
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