Credit where it’s due to Hutch



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    Not really no. In my case it was a genuine mistake (c'mon who would actually ever spend 49g on a plastic pack...).  Support are there to be contacted. I'd expect a different outcome if I was frivolously claiming on a regular basis.
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    HeissRod said:
    I can see how that's a little different.  If you spend 100G and don't use the tickets, Hutch can see that it was most likely a mistake and may make a decision to reverse the transaction.  There is nothing you gambled by making that purchase.  However, in the case of your CF purchase, someone could make the purchase, not like their results, then write Hutch claiming it was a mistake.  One would allow a user to see the results without losing any gold while the other gains no benefit by "accidentally" buying the extra tickets, then not using them.

    Yeh I get it too, but it still stings.

    I was hoping that cos they got all the data, they would see that my game loaded and connected to the server, and fractions of seconds later (I guess loading was the trigger for the pop-up msg) there was a purchase of the 5CF. If they could see this data I would hope they would've believed my account, but I guess they did not.

    From my perspective, it could be either some glitch in the game, or my own phone. My action was literally one tap on my screen where the x was, and then all of a sudden in it skipped forward several screens to a confirmed purchase. 

    Anyway, it's done now. It's sore, but I still do appreciate what support does for players. 

    For reference, I got 3 epics, and two of them were high RQ cars that are desirable and I think the third was RQ23/24. I didn't want to spend the gold, but when support got back to me a week or so later (Xmas holidays) I at least had three good pulls from it.
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    Hey, if you didn't voice it, you wouldn't live up to your name!
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    The fact that I had to go back to page 21 to find this thread speaks for itself, but with all the negativity and criticism flooding the forum, I felt the need to mention something I really appreciate.
    The loading time of the game seems much much faster since the last update. Thanks for that! And also the new filter system, but that has been mentioned here already by others. More of these small improvements (seems small, but ofcourse the work behind can be huge I guess) would be enough to make us less grumpy.
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    I mean the game itself has been getting progressively better, Hutch just feels the need to charge more for this development
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    I too would like to thank Hutch for making the game increasingly harder and more boring without increasing rewards and drop rates. Helps to stay my hand every time I think I might spend. Thanks for helping me save money Hutch!
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    Ozzman said:
    me winning the Chiron. 
    I can relate to this :)
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    Valentine's event was a great surprise too. Really loving the new campaign
    Can't wait to see owner's challenges
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    Yes i agree , this year had some nice additions to the game and its good to point these out aswell. Keep em coming.
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    It’s been so much better and more engaging recently, enjoying the game again
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    Thought I’d fire this up. There have been some issues which I won’t repeat here, but in general there seems to have been a real effort to keep things fresh; and personally I appreciate it. The return of reruns, titanium series, championship, bus arc - all good content we didn’t have a year ago. The new rq system works well and the extra events were nice. just a few breaks from the norm with the miura prize, valentines event etc have really helped.

    Silver screen events Upcoming look intriguing  and if there’s any truth to the next weeks challenge leak then game on.
    I have to second this. There's a lot going on currently and it looks like a ray of hope. You guys pushed another car update further to focus on the gameplay and system issues. Titanium was really fun even if there was a proper hiccup at the end. Championship was a blast, you've reacted quickly to the feedback about the owner's challenge and the silver screen challenge looks like it'll be a lot of fun too (though I'm worried about the narrow selection of cars within the tag)
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    Hello, my name is Andreas, you know me from ranting. :)
    I agree with the guys above, we had some good stuff going on this year which sometimes got a little lost in all the troubles that came along with it (server,brackets etc).
    Its good to have some new ideas in the game, the rq balance feels like a step forward after playing it for few weeks now.
    The new event series, championship, the Titan stuff, all highly welcome additions to the game. It feels so good to break the routine of regular events and have something different.
    The communication lately also got better, keep this up guys, as Hutch and the players benefit from it.
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    I agree, kudos Hutch, really good job thus far with the changes and I enjoy them.
    altho I miss those rare/UR events you had last weeks, kinda enjoyed them more then the usual dailys tbh ^^
    hope you bring them back on a regular basis!

    maybe I wanna add one pack purchase suggestion, is it possible to make it so that when you buy, lets say, 10 packs for the tri-series finals you get a guaranteed epic or better? gotta adjust the odds ofc but at least there would be less frustration for those who buy them.
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    Also, I notice a new feature ! The bracket are moving accodingly to the numbers of players !

    Thank you for hearing us ! 

    (PS: You shuld communicate this !)
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    AslanV said:
    Also, I notice a new feature ! The bracket are moving accodingly to the numbers of players !

    Thank you for hearing us ! 

    (PS: You shuld communicate this !)
    They did, in the bug topic. It's a temporary measure
  • AslanVAslanV Posts: 210 ✭✭✭
    AslanV said:
    Also, I notice a new feature ! The bracket are moving accodingly to the numbers of players !

    Thank you for hearing us ! 

    (PS: You shuld communicate this !)
    They did, in the bug topic. It's a temporary measure
    I am not following this topic >.< But i did read it, thanks for the info

    Sad it is temporary... I was like greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :D

    But does explain the small communication about it
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