New player... sort of. Need some advice.

Hey everyone,

Apologies if this sort of thing has been asked before. If there is a thread I haven’t come across, please send me there so I don’t waste anybody’s time!

Anyway, I’ve been playing daily throughout this lockdown. I’ve been playing for 10 days, at level RQ370 and 100% finished the single player campaign. I’ve stupidly ignored events as my RQ level increased, probably sold many useful cars and definitely don’t have enough slots in my garage. I’m a such a high level with a poor garage that any events I enter, I struggle to rank up or make any sort of progress. I would just appreciate any advice moving forward.

I’ll attach my garage below but my questions are:

- Should I just start again and go through more slowly?
- If I can continue, which cars should I keep and which should be used for fusing cars?
- Should I focus on building gold and buying slots?
- Yellowbird series/ Challenge instead of events until an event comes along that fits the cars I have?
- Any advice at all for moving forward?


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    Hey! For 10 days, start again. 

    And do not complete 100% of the campaign, just enough to get the cars! 
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    For starting again to make sense you have to end up with more cars after X amount of days then you'd have if you played your current account for X more days. It's only the B rarity and above models that matter in the long run. Once you've played for a while you'll have collected all super rares and below so getting them or selling them early on isn't going to have a long term impact. 

    That can happen if you're lucky and pull a strong car that allows you to win some key events but it's not guaranteed and it's hard to estimate how likely it is.

    Eventually the only thing that'll matter is how many packs you've opened so taking it slowly is a strategy to be applied in moderation. Perhaps to keep in a lower matchmaking bracket when there's a CF event coming up that suits your strongest cars. 

    In general you want as much income as possible. The more ceramics you can buy (with credits) the better and getting the gold for slots quickly so you can switch to spending it on CFs sooner is also good. 

    You seem to have all of the key higher rarity cars and your higher rarity pulls have been reasonable with the RS6 and 968 so I would keep going. 

    I wouldn't be in any hurry to fuse away anything above super rare. 
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    If you are French: facebook top drives francophonie.
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    The problem for the first half a year or so, in my opinion, is that you can't (shouldn't) fuse C+ cars because early on you are better off with 3 different C cars than a slightly upgraded B car (1.3/1.3/2.3 for example). Same for all above tiers. Yet, you don't usually have the space for new cars, so it's designed that you are forced to keep fusing: you get a tsunami of cars, and you can't keep 99% of them due to garage size.
    So don't.
    Your primary focus should be (imo) spending your gold on garage slots for quite a while. Even if one day you have like 30 or more, still buy more slots. It's never enough. You could easily fill 30 cars (E,F,D) in a day, and you DO need low-tier cars for many events, challenges, etc.
    So for now, focus on the garage only, and don't give in to the temptation of buying any pack with gold in my opinion for a good few months. About once a month there are discounts that contain slots as well, or only slots (like today's 25 slot discount).
    It's better to be able to keep as many cars as you can, having a diverse garage, even if they are 1.3 or 1.1 all around than to fuse a ton to end up with half-assed B cars (2.3 etc) that get beaten by maxed cars anyway. The more different cars you have, the better your chances in certain events. Your time will come when you'll max out your first B car, but that will be a while.

    Also, I think it's best to choose one car at a time per tier and max it first, e.g. choose a C car that is essential, and don't upgrade any other C until you max that car. Then move onto another C. Better than upgrading a single stat for random cars from 1.3 to 2.3, spreading your focus. That would take a ton of time and in-game money, during which you'll still be beaten anyway until maxed.

    As for what to choose: specialized cars are considered essential in practice.
    Basically offroad cars, 4x4 standard tire cars, well-accelerating cars.
    In your line-up, I'd say:
    Corvette 396 (D) to 3/3/2
    Focus (D) that has 91 grip at 3/2/3
    Ghibli (D) 3/3/2 has a great top speed.
    Swift (C) for being an essential offroad car that most players max out early.
    Datsun (C) (you don't yet have it) is another essential offroad car, probably the best C except it's low.
    Tailblazer (B) to 3/3/2 for it's great acceleration as a 4x4

    To learn more, I'd advise if you don't know it already.
    You can choose Upgraded Cars and filter for, say C & offroad cars to see what is the best in that tier. Or the same with 4x4 standard cars in each category.
    Also, there is a feature called "Keep or Fuse" which shows a vote from other players on the site, which can show some cars that stand out.
    Another feature there is the MRA (mid-range acceleration), which you can learn about there, but can help you decide what to keep as well.

    Later when you have plenty of space, you can start getting a pack every now and then, but I'd only get a pack when there is a discount. Ultimately, in the long run, you'll have saved a ton of gold that way. Always think ahead. If you throw 1500 gold out the window for a vanilla carbon pack, when you could have bought a discounted pack a few days later for 1100, you'll be -400 gold short, and the more you do it (giving in to get normal packs), the more gold you lose. I'd never buy anything that's not a discount (and never spend money, but that's personal preference).

    On that point, I'll just say, in a year's play, you will have gotten hundreds of ceramics and carbon fibers from winning events every now and then (from weekly challenges, from buying discounted packs, etc etc), so think of it like checking your end-of-the-year statistics: Let's say you have opened 123 ceramic and 24 carbon packs in a year (impossible to know, just an example). How much of an advantage would you have a year down the road if you had spent real money for even ONE ceramic or CF? 123 vs 124, 24 vs 25. It's a drop in the ocean. Your actual spending is 1/123 value in that case. And one could start spending money to infinity, therefore the only wise choice to me is to spend 0. Even if it means just missing an event because you are just short of a few gold. Again, I could be hated for this view, but regardless, the game has a really heavy gambling-like nature, so once you spend a bit, you start justifying to yourself again like "oh I'll spend just $5 like last week, it's the price of a coffee". Yeah, and 1-2-3 years later you add up and realize you could have bought like 36 AAA PC games that don't frustrate you to hell but give you infinite entertainment. This could, too, but at what price? And it is probably a frustrating game in nature for many players.
    It was a bit off-topic, but so many people fall into this trap and hate themselves for having spent a little fortune on some mobile game.
    I'd enjoy it for what it is: a mobile game you play daily for fun. No need to make it a competitive game when you spiral down to become a whale (large spenders). The devs are still supported by people watching ads, and by whales who can afford to spend thousands of dollars - good on them, but the devs don't need everyone's support. There are actually free apps that go by just fine by ads alone. This game is designed to be hard enough being bunched together with whales in the first place for you to not feel bad. Again, each to their own.
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    Thanks for the advice guys, especially GaborBartal- highly informative! I wasn't aware of the but it's been so helpful these last few days! Thanks again.
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