Please help restore my progress

Hi, i tried getting help through the help & support link within the app but I'm getting nowhere. I just upgraded my phone and lost all my progress. I assumed Game Center would have me covered but now know that I should have linked it to my Facebook account.  Is there anything that can be done to help me restore several months of progress? I made one gem purchase back in july but i'm more concerned about my progress.  i can roughly describe the levels of my vehicles if it helps.  as of saturday morning before i upgraded my phone i was in the ruby league. please?? i'd be grateful, thanks!


  • tonynonyatonynonya Posts: 1
    You ever get this fixed. I am having same problem
  • jlew46jlew46 Posts: 1
    I got a new phone and not able to restore my progress to the new phone 
  • anthonys78anthonys78 Posts: 1
    Well, it seems as though you might be out of luck. My game was linked to my fb and I have lost all my (LOADS) progress. I'm trying different avenues to get this resolved. I'll let you know of anything positive.
  • listverselistverse Posts: 2
    I'm NOT impressed w/Hutch's reply (as in...  they have NOT replied) in regard to this problem (as well as many other problems I see listed here on this board). And... it has been nearly 18 MONTHS (!) since the last update to this thread. That is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

    That's why, FYI, I will be deleting this buggy racing game shortly, but I'll still race in the much more superior (and extremely well supported) Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft. It's too bad it has come to this.

    I'm just really pissed that I just wasted about $25US & 3 years (not 3 solid years, obviously) of my life playing this dang game. Thanks so much for the memories fellas. Buh-bye!
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