Acura GS-R RQ35

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Here are a lot of small modification for this car.

Here his my main article i will follow

So the 0-60 is supposed to be 6.9 (brand new) or 7.0 (after some miles) instead of 7.0
0-100 is 19.2 sec (New) or 18.7 (after some miles)

Which give an MRA of 56.2 (new) or 59.83 (after some miles). I do prefer the stats after some miles ^^

Top Speed is 135 (new) or 136 (After some miles) instead of 133.  There is another information 0-120, which may help for the acceleration curb.

There is also the standing 1/4 miles.

The horsepower rating of the GS-R is 170hp (So 158bhp seems wrong, don;t know the conversion rate)

The curb weight is 2661 (1207kg)

The torque is 128lb-ft instead 133lb-ft

The number of seat is 5 instead of 4 !

ABS is included with car (see article and picture below)

There is skidpad result in article, if the grip need to be corrected (To finish the revision of the car)

I know it's all small change, but there is a lot of them (Width and Height are ok !)

FS COMPLETE SET Integra GSR Cloth Seats Door Sills Arm rest


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