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About my ban

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Hmm, im unsure what to make of all of this for now, but as you can see im back.
After a surprise ban and no idea what has happened overnight.
Thanks to everyone asking for the ban reason, all i can say, even after getting email reply and being unbanned i cant tell you excactly why, other than being me as a whole.
All the posts i did in the Bug thread are still online, unedited. None of my posts that day were deleted.
Also i didnt do anything outside the forum like one admin stated, this is simply NOT TRUE.
I got a sincere apology from the person who banned me, much respect for that.

Are some of my posts negative towards Hutch (as a whole, never personally), do i complain a lot? Yes.
But i think most of this is very reasonable stuff and nothing i do to harm Hutch but this is about improving the game. Sometimes in the past only storms woke them up and get into action, could be avoided with more communication upfront.

Quite some here play this game for three years now, on a daily basis, and in its peaktimes for some hours.
Its just normal that people can get emotional about it but i wouldnt take every rant as a backstab, but think how can i improve to make this custommer happy, and stay a customer.
The numbers under the current Hutch and Blossom video speak volumes, its not just single players that worry about the game. This game has a passionate community which makes it big fun, wouldnt it be way worse if simply no one would care?!
So lets try to get the game back in track, communication is one of the keys here.

Thanks for the support to my friends and those i dont know personally, but did it for the cause.
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