Race Kings soft launch available on Android

Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
As well as supporting iOS, Race Kings soft launch also now supports Android devices (v5.0 and above) in 4 territories.

What is a soft launch?
Following on from the beta, we have released Race Kings on the App store for iOS and now Android in 4 countries.

The soft launch is a chance to put the game in front of a larger audience and effectively test some of the features that were not really possible during the closed beta. For example network robustness and In-App purchases. It's also a chance to further test the game before putting it front of a global audience.

Which countries has Race Kings been launched in?
India, Pakistan, Singapore and Philippines.

Which versions of Android are supported?
Android v5.0 and above


  • AalokKAalokK Posts: 8
    Hello devs.. 
    Please do the global launch soon..  And increase the ongoing events for players of every class.. As of now payout is very low.. And its irritating 
    And please please decrease the cost for car's service its too costly :/
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hey AalokK,
    A wider global launch is next, but we don't yet have a specific date for you.
    More players coming into the game will impact the number and variety of events that are on offer. At this time we want to try and keep the amount of multiplayer racing at a reasonable level, so it means the number of events has to be quite low.
    The car servicing costs have been calculated by our huge team of highly experienced mathematicians aided by advanced AI and six 20-sided dice. The results are clear, the servicing costs are 99.789% correct.
  • AalokKAalokK Posts: 8
    Hi Demorphic..  Any news on worldwide launch of race kings?  :|
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The guys are still working hard on the game.
    It's currently in early launch in a few countries (possible to get in and play if you have the patience to change your app store).
    I don't have a specific date for you at the moment, but will be shouting it out loud and clear once it's announced.
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