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What’s the best way to get more garage slots?


I really like the collecting aspect of the game but it is very difficult to collect when the garage space is so limited. I have to often sell cards that I really don’t want to just because I have no space for them. I considered buying gold but opening space would cost me literally hundreds of €uros and I’m willing to spend some money to support the dev team for the great game but I can’t afford to spend that much.

What’s the best strategy to open more garage slots? I’m saving the gold I get to do so but it would take me years before I can actually collect all the cars.

Thank you in advance.


  • joancarlesjoancarles Posts: 6
    Well, that's a really good question cause i'm so upset with this aspect of the game, at least the cars should get registered on the "all cars" menu so you can see which ones you have owned, but now when you need to sell a car you really like, you sell it and it's just gone there is no evidence you owned that car
  • SleekSleek Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
    Sometimes they put up some good deals for garage space, recently they had a sale for 10 of them for just 399 gold which is relatively easy to earn without paying and really cheap compared to normal prices. Other times there were deals like $3.99 for a ceramic pack and 10 garage slots which I took advantage of. 
    There is also the garage slots from reaching certain RQ levels. 

    But yes I would like more ways to get them like having a chance to get +1 slots from the prize boards. 
  • coolwindowcoolwindow Posts: 35
    Yeah, the sales are the best way. The 10 slots for 399G was a great deal.
  • drx94drx94 Posts: 3
    I’ll try to be more patient and take advantage of deals then, sounds like an okay way. Thank you!
  • nipan_TopDrivesnipan_TopDrives Posts: 246 ✭✭✭
    best way to get more garage slot is to buy garage slot :D
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